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Liz MacPherson, Chief Executive, Stats NZ

Wednesday 20 February @ 8:30

Liz MacPherson is a highly experienced, dedicated public servant. In a career spanning almost 30 years, she has worked on everything from policy, strategy, and operational delivery, to regulation, research, and corporate governance. During that time, Liz has worked in a variety of government agencies, including the Department of Labour and the Ministry of Education. She believes passionately in the power of people and ideas to make a difference to New Zealand. At Stats NZ, she relishes the opportunity to “unleash the power of data to change lives”. Often working in partnership with other agencies, Liz is committed to empowering decision-makers at all levels with the information they need and the capability to use it.



Research Bazaar 2018 – Highlights, insights, and what can we learn from each other?

Monday 18 February @ 14:40

Abstract Summary:
Research Bazaar (ResBaz) is a worldwide digital literacy movement that aims to equip researchers with next generation digital tools and skills. The Centre for eResearch has organised ResBaz at the University of Auckland since 2016 – a year following the inaugural event in Melbourne. Since then, we have seen our audience numbers grow each year with 115 researchers attending ResBaz 2018. This session will share key insights from organising ResBaz 2018, including highlights of the festival, outcome of some changes implemented at the University of Auckland events, and the attendees’ feedback.

Genomics Aotearoa: Growing genomics research capability in NZ
Monday 18 February @ 15:50

Abstract Summary:
Join Mik Black from Genomics Aotearoa (GA) for an overview of the Bioinformatics component of GA, focusing on the goals of the project, as well as describing the computational resources that are being put in place, and the training and community building opportunities that are being delivered.

Rebooting Everything eResearch at Victoria University

Tuesday 19 February @ 13:50

Abstract Summary:
The Centre for Academic Development and The Library at Victoria University of Wellington are
kicking off a ‘re-boot’ of how we support digital research and innovation across all disciplines. This presentation will overview the main areas of change at Victoria, highlight stumbling blocks and successes, and look for ways of collaborating more with other institutions on building research capability.

Birds-of-a-feather(BoF) sessions

What happens on Monday?
Monday 18 February @ 15:50

Abstract Summary:
Following a training workshop, researchers can find it difficult to translate the concepts for application in their specific research contexts. In addition, post-workshop, the immediate community of the workshop is no longer present, which often leads attendees to ask “what happens on Monday?” This session seeks to discuss solutions that both trainers and trainees have found for continued support and training as learners progress from novice to competent practitioner.

Digital Humanities & Data Preservation
Tuesday 19 February @ 15:30

Abstract Summary:
This session is designed to be exploratory and set the scene for a more coherent and ongoing conversation. Steve Knight from the National Library of New Zealand, will facilitate a discussion on topics such as: who is working in this space? what do the community want and from whom? what is the status of digital preservation thinking and action in NZ in 2015 and 2019?

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NeSI Hacky Hour / Bring your own code

Monday 18 February @ 11:00

Abstract Summary:

Join NeSI technical experts for an informal “Hacky Hour” workshop. NeSI staff will be on hand to demonstrate and advise about many aspects of running on our platforms, including profiling and optimising code and workflows, running jobs under Slurm, building code and visualisation of results.

Skilling up in Research Data Management: A crash course for librarians and data stewards

Tuesday 19 February @ 11:00

Abstract Summary:

This workshop will help develop the skills and knowledge of librarians and data stewards who
engage with researchers to support their research data management needs. This session is tailored for librarians and other data stewards, particularly those who provide RDM skills training at universities, research institutions or virtual laboratories.


To see our complete program and general event schedule, click here to view our programme page.

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